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Details for Schools Lydia Eva

Our volunteers are very happy to welcome school and other parties on board the Lydia Eva throughout the season.

The following brief guide gives information on what there is to see and experience on board.

We encourage all visitors to imagine what life on board a steam drifter was like in the early part of the last century and there are numerous real objects to see and touch.

On Deck
little boat
Try coiling a rope from the capstan neatly down the rope hatch (this job was done by the youngest crew member)
Discover what a molgogger was used for
Find out about another unusual use for the ship’s lifeboat!
Fish hold
Ring the ship’s bell to show you have safely climbed down into the crosshatch
Discover where the “silver darlings” were stored once they had been caught
Guess how many herring a quarter cran basket can hold
Are you strong enough to operate the manual foghorn? Have a go!
The engine room
Here you will see the original steam engine built in 1930 which is still in working order as well as the double furnace and boiler
Listen to the sound of the engine and try to imagine what it was like to work down here in the heat, coal dust and noise
Can you spot the voice pipe and telegraph?
What were they used for?
crew q The galley and crews’ quarters
See where the youngest crew member prepared and cooked meals
Carefully climb down the ladder into the crews’ quarters and discover where the fishermen slept and ate their meals
Try out one of the bunk beds and imagine trying to sleep here during a storm
Open the ditty box. What sort of things would the fishermen keep in here?
The wheelhouse wheelhse
Take charge of the wheel just like the skipper would have done and imagine bringing the vessel into port
Can you locate the ship’s compass?
Where have you already seen the ship’s telegraph and voicepipe?

Download Risk Assessment document.

Contact Educational Officer
If you want to book an educational visit to Lydia Eva Please contact Fran Southgate on 07791341610

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