The Lydia Eva and Mincarlo Charitable Trust Limited

Two Floating Maritime Museums in Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth

The Trust is preserving two of Britain's most important vessels

The objects for which the Association is established is the advancement of the education of
the public in particular by the preservation and exhibition of the
Yarmouth Steam Drifter “Lydia Eva YH89″ and the Lowestoft Side Winder Trawler “Mincarlo LT412".


Lydia Eva waiting for "Dressed" for 2012 Olympic Torch Procession.

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Mincarlo waiting for dock to be emptied.

Yarmouth Steam Drifter Lydia Eva “YH89"

The world's last surviving steam-powered herring drifter steamed back to Great Yarmouth for the first time in many years on Saturday 15th May 2010.

Steam drifters once filled the harbours as they worked down from Scotland following the Herring. Lydia Eva was, unusually, also capable of trawling outside the herring season.

Every summer she is open for visitors and this year is in Great Yarmouth go to Latest News for more details.



Lowestoft Side Winder Trawler Mincarlo “LT412"

The last complete example of a Lowestoft sidewinder trawler Mincarlo is the last floating example which has engine and hull both manufactured in Lowestoft.

Every summer she is open for visitors and this year is in Lowestoft go to Latest News for more details.





Your support to keep these vessels afloat is vital.
Your donations on-board help cover the costs of insurance and other liabilities. To keep the ships afloat and open to the public, we need your help.

If you could make a small donation, and for that we will give you access to the insider information on the ships, We call it "PORTHOLE" this has all the extra info you may want, on the running of the trust, the crewing of the ships, and Archive material. Please help